PBA in furniture design, VIA Design

"I design furniture and interior in a classical and simple way. The idea is uncovered layer by layer in the process, to get to the cleanest form possible without compromising the function. I aim to bring quality and aesthetic value in shape of design objects to the recipient’s everyday life!"
Prices and nominations
Finalist at Talentprogramme, 2018
Top 10 finalist at FSC design award, 2018
Winner of audience award at Design for Upcycling, 3R kontor and Holmriis, 2018
3x product of the year nominee with Kodanska at Formland Spring, 2018
Top 3 finalist at Innovation Cup, Lifestyle and Design cluster, 2018

Coming up: Ukurant, Copenhagen, 2021
Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stockholm, 2020
Trends & Traditions, Copenhagen, 2019
BASE, Ventura Future, Milan, 2019
Creative Idea Festival, HEART, Herning, 2019
Formland Spring, Herning, 2019 
FSC design award, Copenhagen, 2018
Trends & Traditions, Copenhagen, 2018
Formland Spring, Herning, 2018
Furniture Seminar, Herning, 2017
FSC design award, Copenhagen, 2017